If you are in pain, you’ve come to the right place.

Novus Massage and Bodywork provides a unique healing experience through a holistic approach combining therapeutic massage and movement based therapy.

All in the comfort of your own home!

Importantly, I don’t just treat your pain, I show you how to resolve the underlying muscular dysfunction that is causing the pain.

You are an active participant in your own healing.

Your best option is starting with three 1-hour sessions at $80 per session (plus travel). This option includes a comprehensive postural and movement assessment via specialized tests that reveals exactly where and why your movement is being limited and whether you should begin with a therapeutic massage or Postural Restoration session (or combination of both).

Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage involves medium to strong pressure and is an effective method of releasing tight muscles that are causing muscle and joint pain.

However, deep tissue massage can only be effective if the client’s body will allow it. In other words, applying too much pressure could put the client’s body into a defensive “fight or flight” response. This defeats the purpose of massage. Appropriate pressure is built up gradually according to what I feel and what the client is experiencing. 

Individual 60 minute session is $85 plus travel costs.

Postural Restoration

Behaviorally, we all know that change comes from within. If we want to change a behavior, habit, or outcome, no one else can do it for us.

It turns out that the physical body works the same way.

If you want to eliminate muscle and joint pain, you have to re-train your muscle’s “behavior” which in this case results in painful over-use and tension.

Importantly, the change has to occur not only in the muscles but in the place that commands them: your brain.

It’s no different than learning to dance or shoot a basketball. If your brain isn’t involved in learning a new muscle behavior, all change will be temporary. It won’t stick because it won’t be remembered.

This is why every physical therapist, massage therapist, and chiropractor eventually wonders why their treatments don’t last.

Postural Restoration utilizes specialized exercises to liberate you from painful muscle behaviors while simultaneously restoring your body’s ability to move effortlessly and pain-free.

There is simply nothing else like it. Without Postural Restoration I would never have resolved my years of chronic pain.

Individual 60 minute session is $75 plus travel costs.


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